Taking a Drakensberg Safari is defined as visit to the most spectacular mountains of South Africa.  The Drakensberg Mountains offer the best hiking trails and walks for all ages and for all fitness levels.  Taking a stroll on the grassy hills of the Little ‘berg rejuvenates your soul and being escorted to a rock-art site is mystical.  For the adventurous you can hike right to the top of the escarpment or summit the individual peaks, there are beautiful walks through yellowwood forests up to natural waterfalls and past crystal clear river pools.  Simply watching the ever-changing mountains from your patio at the lodge or chalet is also a treat and all these things and more may just be what makes a safari to the Drakensberg fantastic!

Then, the Drakensberg is home to many birds and the birds of prey such as the Lammergeyer or Bearded Vulture are wonderful sights.  There is a private Big Five Game reserve not too far away for a more luxurious treat, or day visits to Spioenkop and Weenen game reserves add another dimension to your Drakensberg holiday, which may be filled with the natural game the live in the mountains, but which a little more difficult to spot, particularly when you are concentrating on where to place your next step and how to breathe at these altitudes!

The foothills of the Drakensberg Mountains is where all the action takes place from golf courses and bowling greens to adventure sports such as mountain boarding, zip-lines and king swings.  There is a sporting activity for every visitor.

The Drakensberg Mountains are home for me, so you will be sure to find many giving and hospitable folk who may just remember me from the central Champagne Valley, Cathedral Valley, Royal Natal Park region and along the Midlands.  The Southern Drakensberg is famed for the Sani Pass, a dramatic trip up 1330 metres in only 6.5 kilometres.

Horse rides in the foothills of the Drakensberg adds to your safari experience and if you have time to include a visit to the Anglo-Boer battlefield sites, you will acquire a valuable history lesson, but if art and crafts take your fancy, then there are many places to see and visit in the valleys.  Not to be missed if you have time would be the Drakensberg Boys Choir.

Enjoy your Drakensberg Safari, take your time and you will be rewarded!